Mini Artist/Clay Dough 2_SPRING20

This event is no longer on sale.

Tuesday April 28

10:00 AM  –  11:00 AM

AGES 5-6

Materials Needed:

Air dry clay: recipe, Popsicle stick, Paints, Small container of water, Paper plate,News print or other mat to work on

Air Dry Clay Recipe Options:

Recommended Recipe:

1 cup cornstarch

1 cup school glue (Elmers)

2 tablespoon vinegar (or lemon juice)

2 tablespoon vegetable oil

Mix together wet ingredients (glue, oil, and vinegar) in small bowl.  Add cornstarch until evenly mixed.  Use microwave in 15 second intervals stirring your concoction.  It should begin to look fluffy like marshmallow fluff, just after that it will begin to stick to itself when stirred.  If hard, too dry, add more water and repeat.  (if you don’t have a microwave, preheat oven to 350-400F, and set in oven stirring every 5 minutes until fluffy then sticking together)


Alternate recipe, not as malleable:

1 cup flour

2 teaspoon cream of tarter

½ cup salt

1 table spoon vegetable oil

1 cup water

Blend together dry materials, make a well in center, add water and vegetable oil.  Work dry and wet ingredients together until all mixed.  Use additional flour to knead dough for 5-10 minutes until consistent.  Use enough flour to keep from sticking, but too much will make dough dry.  I use oil on my hands to keep from sticking.


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